Informal markets arise on the fault lines inscribed by global alliances of money and power: wars and humanitarian crises, national and infrastructural borders, the worldwide trade in waste and the marginal spaces of urban transformation. They act as globalization’s safety valve while also providing livelihoods for millions of people trading in the streets of cities around the world.

These books track the powers, currents and actors driving informal trade. It documents the growing influence informal economies are having on human coexistence on a planetary scale. Informal markets may have turned into key urban economic frontiers, but can they also produce positive social and political change?

Bringing into focus the contested spaces at the bottom of the world economy, this atlas presents 72 case studies of informal marketplaces around the world – from Kabul’s post-conflict Bush Bazaar to Casablanca’s counterfeit markets, from street vending in Bangkok’s “red zones” to cross-border trade between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, and from the 7th Kilometre container market in Odessa to New York’s booming hipster markets. The Informal Market Worlds Reader was published together with the Atlas.

About the Dam Architectural Book Award
For the seventh time, in 2015 the Frankfurt Book Fair and Deutsches
Architekturmuseum (DAM) will jointly bestowed the International DAM Architectural Book Award. Now highly respected, the prize, the only one of its kind, honors the ten best architecture books in a year. A total of 63 architecture and art book publishers from all over the world accepted the joint invitation to submit entries. On September 30, 2015 a jury made up of external experts and representatives of DAM met to select the year’s ten best architectural books from among the 178 entries. They based their decision on criteria such as design, content, quality of material and finishing, innovation, and topicality.

The wide range of topics and the high standard of the entries presented the jury with an enormous challenge. For this reason the jurors once again decided to pick ten prize winners, but also to select a further ten entries for the Shortlist of the DAM Architectural Book Awards 2015.

Informal Market Worlds – Atlas
Informal Market Worlds – Reader
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