The rapid changes currently taking place in our urban, political and institutional environments have shifted spatial practice to centre stage both in civic life and academic research.
Social networking, political projects, cross-border movements, artistic interventions, urban and environmental initiatives, self-organized educational practices – all articulate the challenges involved in organizing the spaces we share.
In this volume, visual culture scholars from around the world discuss the »practical turn« in different fields of critical engagement, proposing fresh ways to assert an interpenetrated space of research and intervention

with contributions by Jorella Andrews, Margot Bouman, Irene Nierhaus, Eva Egermann & Elke Krasny, Eduard Freudmann & Ivana Marjanovic, Krista G. Lynes, Suzana Milevska, Lee Rodney, Ernst van der Wal, Dan S. Wang and others

Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer (eds.)
Space (Re)Solutions – Interventions and Research in Visual Culture
Bielefeld: transcript Verlag, 2011